"About graffiti"

"About graffiti"

Good evening.
This is Aoyagi.

This time, I wrote my thoughts on graffiti.
I would appreciate it if you could join me.

First of all, drawing graffiti on anything other than your property is, of course, a criminal act.

I love graffiti, but please read with the understanding that I am not advocating criminal activity.
(Of course)

I was fascinated by graffiti around the age of 16.
I learned about the existence of graffiti through PVs and movies.

At that time, I remember doing nothing but scribbling in my notebook during class. smile

When I moved to Tokyo at the age of 18, I was very excited to see the streets covered with graffiti.

For people who aren't interested in graffiti, it's just a normal townscape,
For those who like it, various things can be imagined from graffiti in the city.


"There are a lot of these tags"

"This tag didn't exist until yesterday, so I wonder if it went in the middle of the night."

"Is this person and this person moving together?"

"I've been to this place!! (I drew it)"

"How did you get to this place (for graffiti drawn in high places that are not normally allowed)?"



Also, during the holiday season, writers from all over the world are traveling, and there are more tags, throw-ups, and pieces that I don't usually see.

Here are the 4 pieces I got at the time that made me want to dig deeper into graffiti.


A legendary piece that is not only graffiti, but also the culture of four generations of hip-hop (MC / DJ / graffiti / breakdance).
Anyway, I want you to see it.

The image above is VHS.
I pulled it out after a long time, but I feel the times. smile

I've seen it a long time ago, so I'd like to take this opportunity to look back on the 50th anniversary of hip-hop.


There are many images of Tokyo
, and there are many scenery that I have seen before, and it is an exciting work to watch.

Some images of train bombs are also included, which is very valuable.
It's almost unheard of for trains I've drawn to run through towns these days.

The music playing is also dope.


A sequel to "DIRTY BUT REAL".
There is also a video of Japan's first large-scale graffiti exhibition "X-COLOR" held at the Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito in 2005, and it is full of highlights.

There are plenty of images of when he continued to draw not only in Japan but also in the world.
Respect TABOO.


A work closely related to six graffiti writers.
Watching this DVD, I learned about Philadelphia's style, and it was so cool that I got hooked on it.

And it is said that the legend SABER is simply blown away.
Each writer has a reason for writing.
I think that the fact that you can continue to draw even if you are ripped off is a core that doesn't waver for a writer.

Slightly derailed, but "Scratch" by Mr. "Doug Pray", the director of this work, is also the best.

In addition to these four, I had a "STYLE WARS" DVD, but I may have lost it. crying

What did you think?
I love graffiti, which makes everyday life fun with various art.

And this season, there is a product with a graffiti motif.

""Graffiti Logo" Sweat Parka"

If you are interested, please take a look.

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