"Aoyagi's recommended products for this spring"

It's getting warmer in March, and it's finally the season to feel the arrival of spring.

This is Aoyagi.

This time, we would like to introduce the new "Solid Color" series that we would like to recommend this spring.

Sweatpants first.

The shape is the best.

In my experience, if I wanted the best thickness, the length would be longer, and if I wanted the best length, it would be thinner, so I almost never went out in sweatpants.

However, these pants solved this problem in one shot.

"A little convenience store"
"For a relaxing holiday style"

Definitely recommend.

The ease of movement is also perfect, so it is very useful for me for cruising.

Next is the crew sweat.

This is a super versatile item that can be matched with anything.
The photo above is when I went to Shimokita with the staff @shaberugobo .

Super simple.
If you are worried about coordination, this is it.

Conversely, if you have this one, you won't have to worry about it.

The last is a sweatshirt.

It's as simple as the crew sweatshirt, but the one-point embroidery is on the left sleeve.

I went to see the record on this day.

Find your favorite album that you usually listen to on Apple Music and buy it on impulse🎶

The green colored hoodie attracted the green board. smile

By the way, this board is a lovers rock compilation of the digger label "ATHENS OF THE NORTH".
This time of year when it's getting warmer, it's so comfortable, so please listen to it!

And, at the end, it has nothing to do with the product, but the above is the recommended It was the "Solid Color" series.

"I want to wear good things for a long time"

That's why we stick to fabrics and patterns and finish it simply.

・Original silhouette with just the right amount of room ・17oz thick lining pile fabric ・Side panel specifications for easy movement

Please take it in your hand and experience it.

Click here for "Solid Color" series

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