“Hip-hop and skateboarding that make up Manager Aoyagi”

“Hip-hop and skateboarding that manager Aoyagi thinks about”

Good evening.
This is Aoyagi.

Mami's latest "The Phuncky Boy" collection.

Graphically expressed is hip-hop and skateboarding, which have grown to become the main culture that has taken the world by storm.

It's no exaggeration to say that hip-hop and skateboarding are the two main elements that make me who I am .

For the first time, I would like to write an article about these two cultures.


To all of you

"I can't live my life without this."

Do you have something like that?

For me, it's hip-hop and skateboarding .

It's not an exaggeration, but I can't live without these two.

When I was in junior high school, I started listening to hip-hop under the influence of my older brother, and started skateboarding under the influence of seniors.

The moment I met both, I was captivated.

Until the early twenties, records, CDs, equipment, decks, trucks, bearings, wheels, etc...

Anyway, I remember spending all my money on these two things.

A senior at a clothing store told me, "You should buy clothes, too." (smile)

After I got married in my early twenties, I became busy, and I rarely go to clubs to listen to music or go skateboarding with my friends.

However, during that time, I still couldn't get these two out of my head, and I was alone on a night cruise listening to music at night.

No matter how tired I am, I often commute by cruiser.

Two cultures that are very, very important to me are hip-hop and skateboarding.

The graphics of this work, "The Phuncky Boy" are exactly the contents of these two cultures.

That artist logo on the boy's T-shirt.
I want to listen to it while drinking tequila sunrise.
Big, big, I love you
Even now, I can't calm down unless I listen to it once a month.
There are times when I really want to listen to voices and sounds.

The sneakers I've worn out so far are almost like this.
The sneakers I'm wearing now are also like this.

On rainy days, your socks will get wet from the bottom of your shoes.

To my surprise, my love for these two cultures hasn't changed since I was in junior high school.

While writing this article, listening to HIP HOP.
I've been itching to ride a skateboard, so around here.

In the process of creating this graphic, as a representative of APPLEBUM skaters, I asked him to incorporate my own opinions here and there.

This collection is filled with thoughtful graphics.

Please take a look.

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