I saw the movie "BLUE GIANT" the other day.

In conclusion, it's too good to get goosebumps.
The fighting spirit was stirred up!

And after watching the movie, I wanted to listen to "Madlib - Shades of Blue" first, so today I would like to write about this masterpiece.

Madlib's work released on Blue Note in 2003.
Madlib is a well-known producer representing Stone Throw.

When I researched this album again, I learned that Madlib is the nephew of trumpeter Jon Faddis, and has been exposed to jazz since childhood.

It's the best environment.

Title: "Invasion of the Blue Note Empire"
I really like how he expresses the intersection between JAZZ and HIPHOP.

The content is a remix/remake of the Blue Note sound source by Madlib.
There are many original songs that I learned from this album, and you can enjoy listening and comparing them.

Beginning with Art Blakey's narrative intro, Slim's Return completely draws you in.
It's been 20 years since its release, and I've listened to it dozens of times, and it still pulls me in.

After that, it is the most pleasant album that Madlib assembled Blue Note's famous songs with his own viewpoint and technique.

My favorite song is "Stepping Into Tomorrow"
Starting with DOOM's intro, the melody changes with the explosion sound, and the BPM is faster than the original.
It feels so good.

By the way, the original is Donald Byrd.
It's also great, of course.

Through this album, I became interested in Blue Note and learned about the wonders of Blue Note.

I am grateful for this album that taught me the charm of music that transcends genres.

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