The other day, I went to see the movie "BLUE GIANT."

In conclusion, it was so amazing that it gave me goosebumps.
It really stirred up my fighting spirit!

After watching the movie, the first thing I wanted to listen to was "Madlib - Shades of Blue," so today I'd like to write about this masterpiece.

A Madlib work released by Blue Note in 2003.
Madlib is the well-known producer behind Stone Throw.

As I was researching this album again, I learned that Madlib is the nephew of trumpeter Jon Faddis and has been exposed to jazz since he was a child.

This is the best environment.

The Japanese title is "Invasion of the Blue Note Empire."
I really like how the intersection of jazz and hip-hop is expressed in this way.

The content is a remix/remake of Blue Note audio by Madlib.
There are many original songs that I've come to know from this album, so you can enjoy comparing the two.

It starts with an intro narrated by Art Blakey and then Slim's Return completely draws you in.
It's been 20 years since it was released, and I've listened to it dozens of times, but it still draws me in.

This is a really enjoyable album in which Madlib continues to assemble classic Blue Note songs from his own unique perspective and technique.

My favorite song is "Stepping Into Tomorrow."
It starts with the DOOM intro, then the tune changes with the sound of explosions and the BPM is faster than the original.
It feels really good.

By the way, the original was by Donald Byrd.
This is, of course, the best too.

Through this album, I became interested in Blue Note and discovered how great it was.

I am grateful for this album, which showed me the appeal of music beyond genres.

By the way...

The photo on this jacket was taken in Japan by photographer "B+," with whom the band collaborated in 2022.

It seems like this was a very special and memorable shoot for B+, and it was even featured in the interview article !

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