【Collaboration】 “Pierre Taki Swing” T-shirt [Black] / PL2311101



The grass baseball team [Pierre Gakuen], where Pierre Taki is the owner, manager, and player,
[TAMANIWA], an original brand of a select shop based on the concept of "a stylish baseball lover's room" in Ebisu, Tokyo.
And [APPLEBUM] Triple collaboration T-shirt with the theme of "baseball" by three people.

*Products will be shipped in late June.

On the front, we boldly incorporated a collage graphic made from photos specially taken for this collaboration.
The nostalgic Major League T-shirt and the original design that pays homage to the popular rap T-shirt are made possible by APPLEBUM.
It is finished in a unique way that expresses the fusion of baseball and music.
This item is perfect not only for Pierre Taki fans, but also for baseball fans, MLB fans, and music lovers.

By using 7.4 ounces of cotton sheeting fabric, the T-shirt body has a moderate thickness and durability while feeling soft and comfortable.
The collar is double-stitched to prevent stretching.
You can enjoy a relaxed silhouette with plenty of width and armholes.

[Pierre School]
A grass baseball team formed by Pierre Taki around 1994.
Musicians, DJs, actors, comedians, industry insiders, loose office workers, freelancers, unemployed, etc. who can gather from the morning on weekdays are enrolled.
Belongs to the grass baseball league "TOKYO Major League". Won the league title in 2016.


①Shoulder width ② Width ③Length ④ Sleeve length
small size 46cm 51cm 68cm 22cm
medium size 49cm 54cm 71cm 23cm
L size 52cm 57cm 74cm 24cm
XL size 55cm 60cm 77cm 25cm
XXL size 58cm 63cm 80cm 26cm

Material: 100% cotton


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â‘ Width ② Sleeve length ③ Length ④ Shoulder width ⑤ Sleeve length

â‘ Waist ② Rise ③ Hip ④ Inseam

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