"Previous APPLEBUM skate decks"

This is Aoyagi.

This time, I would like to introduce the APPLEBUM skate decks that I have used over the years.
Please join us.

(1) KBAS (Kickz Box All Stars)

APPLEBUM's skate decks started with this graphic.
I believe it was released in 2008.

I remember gathering with friends at Yoyogi Park to skateboard at that time.
If you go to Yoyogi Park, you'll always be there and there'll be something fun going on!
So, regardless of the time of day, be it morning, afternoon, evening, midnight, or early morning, I would go to Yoyogi Park. (laughs)

(2) Record

While I was on this deck, my work and personal life became suddenly busy, and I couldn't ski at all. (Cry)

I only ride it a little bit around my house in the middle of the night.
There was a time when I got home late every day, but even when I was tired, I still felt like going skiing a little.

(3) Notorious

While I've only been able to skate on the streets at night occasionally, I recently went to an arcade spot in Ueno Park, which has a puddle at the back.

This is a deck that holds bitter memories for me: I was sliding really well and feeling great, but then I got too carried away and dropped it into a puddle.

But then I was lucky enough to get a used deck from a senior who I was skating with. (laughs)

(4) Sampling Sports

This is the deck I built for my eldest daughter when she was growing up.
I remember that at first, he seemed to be enjoying the ride and I was very happy.

However, after a while he got bored of it and started riding it like most kids do, sitting down.

(5) Dead Presidents

A deck that I started using after the Tokyo Olympics.

I was watching the Tokyo Olympics on TV with my eldest son, who was 6 years old at the time.
The moment Horimai won his victory, my eldest son suddenly said, "I want to go skateboarding!" and we went off to a nearby park to skate.

Incidentally, even before the Tokyo Olympics, I wanted my eldest son to try skateboarding, so I went to the skate park with him a few times, but he showed very little interest.

The eldest son is also a fan of Horimai. After winning the Tokyo Olympics , he instantly became addicted to skateboarding.
That's the extent of my influence. (laughs)

After that, I started skateboarding with my eldest son every weekend, and I started spending more time skating myself.

I was able to skate properly again and it felt like the start of a second life as a skater.

(6) The Godfather Marlon Brando"

This is the deck my eldest son was on.
I was totally absorbed in skating.

Luckily, there was a skateboarding park about a five-minute bike ride from my house, so I would skate there every day after coming home from elementary school.

Then on the weekends, she goes to different skate parks with me.
My son skated seven days a week.

I still skate 5 or 6 times a week.
I'm jealous. (laughs)

(7) Oedo

The last piece is a graphic entitled "Oedo", originally drawn by Hamaguchi .
I was there until recently.
The size and shape of this deck are perfect for my current preferences, and it's been great.

I'm thinking of cutting the edges off and turning it into a cruiser.

I'm currently using a different deck, but I'm thinking about switching to "Dr. Dre The Chronic" soon.

I'm looking forward to it.

I treasure every deck I've ever ridden.
I've grown really attached to each of the decks.

I believe there is endless fun to be had from skateboarding other than just skating.

You can add stickers to the deck to give it a unique look, reshape it to make it into a cruiser, or cut it up to make it into something else.

I love skateboarding because it keeps me entertained and keeps me in that boyish spirit.


A few days after writing this column, I changed it to the "Dr. Dre The Chronic" deck!

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