Mr. Kazunori Yamada (Cuba Sandwich Shop/SUNSETBEER FC) Playlist

[Name]: Ittoku Yamada

[Title]: Cuban sandwich shop / SUNSETBEER FC

[Birthplace]: Kanagawa Prefecture

[Connections and memories with APPLEBUM]
I have been indebted to him since my previous job, but one of the most memorable moments was helping him create a catalog.
It was a job to put Muneo and Miyao's thoughts on clothes and culture into writing.
Since the beginning was 2011AW, I was surprised that it was almost 10 years ago.

[About the playlist, song selection]
In the store where eating-in is being restrained, we are switching to music selection that raises our own tension.
For this playlist, we have selected songs that you would like to enjoy the sunset with the customers waiting for the Cuban sandwiches to be baked.