Arita ware Red Cup / 2311014

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[Arita ware red cup]

This Arita ware red cup was made in Arita, Saga Prefecture, one of Japan's leading pottery production areas.
This is a special item made to order by Tashiro Pottery, which has a workshop in Arita.
This playful piece is a representation of the red cup that you're sure to have seen before, made from Arita ware, a traditional Japanese craft.
This is a special piece, finished with a bright, lustrous red glaze applied to the white base that is characteristic of Arita ware.
It is the same size as the actual red cup.
Not only can you use it as a cup, but it also makes a great interior decoration piece.

What is Tashiro Pottery Shop?
"It goes beyond delicious."
Enjoy the beauty of a plate with your eyes, savor the feel of the bowl, and be guided by the aroma; then you bring a chopstick to your mouth...and at that moment, deliciousness is born.
Tashiro Pottery is a production company that focuses on Arita ware, and by being deeply involved in the art of tableware, an important element of cooking, we are able to propose food and tableware from a comprehensive perspective to help you enjoy your current cooking even more deliciously.
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