【Collaboration】Resurrected Vintage T-shirt (Strictly 4 My…) [Vintage Black] / TS2311103


[ 2pac Collection]

A T-shirt with a design that pays homage to the rap T-shirt.
Inspired by the design of wrap T-shirts at the time, the coloring and composition are expressed through [APPLEBUM]'s own filter.
The [2PAC] and [APPLEBUM] logos are printed on the back.
Even now, it is an item that honors the achievements of the West Coast legend rapper [2PAC], which is extremely popular.

The atmosphere of a vintage T-shirt is realistically reproduced using top-class technology.
Processing at a dyeing factory with a history of more than 100 years and world-class dyeing technology.
By further adding "E-Flow chemical processing" to the sulfide dyed body, we have reproduced a natural and heavy vintage feel.

The body of the T-shirt uses 7.4 ounces of super heavy weight jersey fabric, so the neck does not stretch easily and can be worn for a long time.
It has a relaxed silhouette with plenty of width and armholes.

*This product has slight variations in size due to product processing.
In addition, since the dyeing is done by hand, there may be variations in the color.


shoulder width Width Length Sleeve Length
small size 44cm 49cm 66cm 19cm
medium size 47cm 52cm 70cm 20cm
L size 50cm 55cm 74cm 22cm
XL size 53cm 58cm 78cm 24cm
XXL size 56cm 61cm 82cm 26cm

Height 172cm
weight 56kg
Wearing size L

Material: 100% cotton


A legendary West Coast rapper and actor.
His music is more than just entertainment, and often expresses social issues, racism, poverty, and political corruption.
His album 'All Eyes On Me' is considered a Death Row monument and represents his legacy.
He was a charismatic figure like no other, and even after he passed away in 1996 at the age of 25, he continues to have a strong influence on many people.

â– Precautions

・Size dimensions (actual size) are the finished dimensions of the product.
・All size dimensions (actual dimensions) are the outer dimensions when placed flat on a flat stand.
・Since the outer dimensions are measured by hand, there may be a slight error (1 to 2 cm) depending on the product.
・Please refer to each product page for product dimensions.
・For products made of stretch material, the outer dimensions are shown when they are not stretched.
・Products with gathers and pleats are displayed in their natural state.
・The outer dimensions of the down/filled jacket are shown when the down is flattened out.
・In order to check the fit, we recommend that you measure your clothing and compare the sizes.

â‘ Width ② Sleeve length ③ Length ④ Shoulder width ⑤ Sleeve length

â‘ Waist ② Rise ③ Hip ④ Inseam

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