Physical Training Uniform Pants [Khaki] / 2320808



着回しやすいシンプルなデザインに仕上げました。 左腿のロゴと程良いアクセントのパイピングはリフレクターとなっております。
同素材のPhysical Training Uniform Jacketとセットアップでの着用もおすすめです。


  ①ウエスト ②レングス ③ワタリ
Mサイズ 75cm-105cm 74cm 34cm
Lサイズ 80cm-110cm 76cm 35.5cm
XLサイズ 85cm-115cm 77cm 37cm

身長 172cm
体重 56kg
着用サイズ L




â– Precautions

・Size dimensions (actual size) are the finished dimensions of the product.
・All size dimensions (actual dimensions) are the outer dimensions when placed flat on a flat stand.
・Since the outer dimensions are measured by hand, there may be a slight error (1 to 2 cm) depending on the product.
・Please refer to each product page for product dimensions.
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・Products with gathers and pleats are displayed in their natural state.
・The outer dimensions of the down/filled jacket are shown when the down is flattened out.
・In order to check the fit, we recommend that you measure your clothing and compare the sizes.

â‘ Width ② Sleeve length ③ Length ④ Shoulder width ⑤ Sleeve length

â‘ Waist ② Rise ③ Hip ④ Inseam

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