VOL.3_LUIRE September 2002

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Vol.3_LUIRE September 2002

Staff Saito

A women's fashion magazine full of fashion and music.
My favorite Diva (Solange, Beyoncé, Alicia, Rihanna, Erykah Badu, Amuro, Jun Hasegawa, etc...!) served as cover girls every month, and it was one of the magazines I couldn't help but pick up.

Street snaps from Japan and overseas, interviews with overseas artists, information on new releases, columns explaining the Black Panther Party, etc. Looking back, I really envy myself back then when I read the monthly magazine every month. . !
A reliable source of information in those days, when magazines were used to collect information, even though I had a cell phone.

I bought this as an adult at a flea market site, but even when I read it now, I feel once again that it's a magazine full of timeless coolness that doesn't make you feel old.
He didn't give me any advice on what to wear when I go on a date, but I think Ruil taught me the most important things.

This is a book that reminds me of my teenage days when I was a child and looked up to the bookstore on my way home from school.

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