VOL.6_B+Signed "EZE" T-SHIRT

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Vol.6_B+Signed "EZE" T-SHIRT


Do you remember last year's collaboration collection between APPLEBUM and B+?
I was really looking forward to this collection even before its release, so it left a strong impression on me!

B+ himself was also present at the reception party held at the Trunk Hotel, so I wore this T-shirt and went to play.

After enjoying B+'s DJ time, I asked him if he could sign my T-shirt, and he happily said "yes!" and signed it for me🥲
While I was getting his autograph, we had conversations like, "That T-shirt choice is crazy!"
I really wanted her to write my name, so I told her the spelling and asked her to write my name too!
And finally, even a heart mark❤️‍🔥
He was very kind and nice!
It's now framed and hanging in my home.

Memories T-shirt
I will always cherish it 🙏🏼

Thank you B+! !

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