2023SS T-shirt feature


From now on, the season when T-shirts are most active is approaching.

Golden Week is coming up, and the coronavirus is settling down this year, so many of you may be planning a trip this year.

Therefore, I would like to introduce the appeal of this season's T-shirts from my own perspective.

First of all, APPLEBUM's regular T-shirts use 10.2 ounces of ultra-thick fabric.
I don't think there are many T-shirts that are this thick.

・Durability that does not dent even after repeated washing.
- The silhouette is beautiful without picking up the lines of the body when worn.

Once you wear it, you should be addicted to it.

Now let's talk about T-shirts!

"Skitch" T-shirt

The art of the "Skitch" scene drawn by Ken Hamaguchi has been incorporated.
Skitching is when you get stuck in a vehicle while riding a skateboard.
It's a skater-like idea, and I really like it.

"Time for Living Time for Giving No time for Breakin' out A lie to sell"

This phrase It is a lyric of the famous song of the hip-hop group that rewrote history.

"Living by lying is a waste of time"

That's what it means.

I sympathize so much.
As I get older, I realize the importance of time.

What is your purpose in life and what should you do?
Are you able to use your time to improve your skills?

The lyrics make you think.

Plus, simply wearing it while skating will keep you motivated!
It looks like it's going to go up too much and it's going to be a mess. w

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""Call Girl" T-shirt"

A design that samples the Queen of Hearts playing cards.
Seductive female silhouette and phone number.
A slightly adult atmosphere is finished with a humorous design.

Summer tends to be simple, so red accents are great!

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""BHML" T-shirt"

A message T-shirt full of love for baseball.
This year's WBC is heart-warming! !

I designed a baseball ball stitch on the top and bottom of the message. ⚾️

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"70's" T-shirts

The item which symbolizes the 70s .
The famous car Impala is printed on the front, and the Afrocomb is printed on the back.

The t-shirt has a 70's feel to it, but for someone who didn't live in that era, it reminded me of Ice Cube and Pete Rock.

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"Street Knowledge" T-shirt

"Street Knowledge = Wisdom to survive on the street"

I like this kind of straightforward message T-shirt.
Other items such as pants and hats are super simple, and I want to create a styling that will make this message stand out for this summer!

This message reminds me of NWA!

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So far, we have introduced 5 models.

Next time, in the second half, we will introduce 5 types of Otoneta T- shirts.

looking forward to!

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