Mr. Takehiko Moritani (Company employee (Melody Fair Co., Ltd.) Mainly artist manager, etc.) Playlist

[Name]: Takehiko Moriya

[Title]: Company employee (Melody Fair Co., Ltd.) Mainly artist managers, etc.

[Birthplace]: Kanagawa Prefecture

[Connections and memories with APPLEBUM]
Even if you don't mention the ODBT shirt that surprised you when you dropped in at a store ten years ago, you can see hip-hop, basketball, and culture from a certain period, with a relentless obsession as if it were a trauma, and sometimes boldly. , While sometimes hiding, getting involved with people who don't care about such things, properly making money, in the irresponsible world of fashion (which I admire), I have continued to shape it for 15 years. I feel the fear of
I think there are times when things that don't change turn out to be more thorny than changes, but as I get older, I feel every day the greatness of continuing.

[About the playlist, song selection]
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