Jun Mizuno (GETABACO Owner) Playlist

[Name]: Jun Mizuno

[Title]: Owner of GETABACO

[Birthplace]: Seto City, Aichi Prefecture

[Connections and memories with APPLEBUM]
We've been on good terms since Otsuka-kun from the same town joined us.
I always sympathize with APPLEBUM's sampling sense and take my hat off.

[About the playlist, song selection]
The theme is "sampling".
I myself have a side as a DJ and a beat maker, and I was able to meet various wonderful music from sampling material.
In the first half, I chose a song that has a lot of sample material, but I think many people have never heard the whole song.
In the second half, there are songs with interludes and wonderful modulations that are rarely found in loop music.
I would be happy if sampling is interesting and it gives you an opportunity to listen to genres that you don't usually listen to.