Nick Watanabe @29man (Marketing Director) Playlist

[Name]: Nick Watanabe @29man

[Title]: Marketing Director

[Birthplace]: I am from Osaka and live in San Francisco.

[Connections and memories with APPLEBUM]
I met Mr. Miyao, the designer, more than 30 years ago at an off-line meeting of the Japanese Hip Hop BBS "Inka Teikoku" in Shibuya.
It's been more than 3 years since I left Japan, and my closet is still filled with APPLEBUM Junkie.

[About the playlist, song selection]
Free, flexible and improvisational. Living in San Francisco, I feel that the spirit of jazz and hip hop is becoming more and more important to survive in today's world. I made a WE'VE GOT JAZZ playlist with such a message.