APPLEBUM office music 3rd is a playlist by online store manager "Shin Aoyagi".

From my favorite songs, I created a playlist that is easy to listen to and blends into everyday life.

The first song "Tim Armstrong / A Poet's Life" has a good tempo, and I often listen to it when I skateboard or when I wake up in the morning.
While sandwiching loose reggae, soul, electro, etc., change the flow with "Danny Breaks" and "RJD2" (selected while feeling nostalgic that I used to listen to this area a lot in my early 20s), to HIP HOP after 2000.
Based on my theory that "a good album has a lot of songs with female vocals in the 10th track", the 10th track is "Estelle" who is active in a wide range of genres.
"DJ Shadow & Q-tip" from
While looking back on 9th Wonder's skill, the new song of "DINNER PARTY" that the album can't wait for.
Incorporating new songs from the past one or two years that have been played on the radio and stuck in my ears, I ended the last gently.
Wake up late in the morning on a holiday, and try it casually while drinking coffee.

Music Selector: Shin Aoyagi