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Masahiro Miyao



[What I value when designing APPLEBUM products]
Do you have originality?
Are you creating new things that have never existed before?
And are you able to make people who wear these clothes and people who see them happy and positive?
"Rebellion", "innovation" and "humor".
It's very difficult, but I try to design with these three words in mind.

[About playlist/song selection]
Those who are familiar with the APPLEBUM brand may have felt this to some extent, but at APPLEBUM, among the numerous cultures such as sports, movies, sneakers, etc., music is especially important.

Music has always been by my side since I was little, and it's no exaggeration to say that I learned most of the cool, interesting, and important things through music.
This time, I chose "23" songs that I can listen to at home and feel relaxed, gentle and positive, centering on the punk, reggae, soul, jazz, and hip-hop that I have been through.

Recently, the environment has changed so much that it is unrealistic, and the change is terrifyingly fast, and I spend every day in anxiety and impatience.
But in such a difficult time, I want to borrow a little strength from the music that I have always believed in, and become a strong and positive person to protect myself and the important people around me.
The playlist started with the most positive song I know, "Always look on the bright side of life."

I hope that these 23 songs will ease your feelings even a little.