APPLEBUM × MLB "Dreams are endless"

This is a story of burning passion and hidden fighting spirit, written together with MC "HUNGER" of "GAGLE," a hip-hop group based in Sendai that delivers a unique groove.

The Japanese players who are dominating the world's highest stage, MLB, also started out with a step into the unknown.

To all those challengers who pursue endless dreams, let's light a fire in your spirit.

Director I Kenji Nakajima
Cinematographer Ⅰ Kazunari Tanaka
Sound effects I Takeyasu Kobayashi
Location coordinator Ⅰ Yuji Oyama (WAX)
Production Manager Ⅰ Yoshifumi Egawa, Yu Okuzono, Hiroyuki Nagai
Producer Ⅰ Masaki Ogino (XM)

Below, we look back on this video in the words of designer Miyao.

The core concept behind our collaboration with MLB this time was to provide a product that would support and encourage people who are trying to take on new challenges, people who are working hard to achieve their dreams, and people who feel a gap between their ideal self and their current self and are struggling to close that gap.

Last year's WBC excited the whole of Japan, and the subsequent transfer of Japanese players to the major leagues and their great success there made us realize that there are no limits to dreams, and that happy times come only to those who continue to work hard with passion.

When I was thinking about how to convey this feeling in a way that was unique to APPLEBUM, the image of a rapper came to mind.

I'm Hanger, the MC of the hip-hop group "GAGLE," which is based in Sendai but has made its name known around the world beyond the boundaries of Japan.

My encounter with Hanger dates back to 2001.

When I met the three members of Gaggle for the first time at a recording studio in Tokyo to discuss the jacket design for their debut EP "BUST THE FACTS," I felt that they are a little different from Tokyo's hip-hop artists; they are simple and humble, but each has a strong and distinctive character.

Up until then, I had heard from two former File Record staff members and current top names in JAZZY SPORT, as well as artists such as Kohei Japan and Rhymester, that there was a great group in Sendai, and I had also listened to their demo tapes, so I remember that my impression when I actually met them was just as good as the reviews said.

Since we started APPLEBUM, we have had many opportunities to work with GAGLE, including working together on charity activities during the 2011 earthquake. Watching their continued growth has given me the courage to work hard myself.

Let's get back to this movie.

When we explained to him that we felt that Hanger's highly original, positive and passionate raps were the best and most appropriate APPLEBUM-like way to convey the concept of this collaboration with MLB, he immediately agreed.

After hearing the rap that was completed after the painful process of creating Hanger's work, which was not a short time, all the APPLEBUM staff were deeply moved and touched, and were convinced that they had made the right decision in asking Hanger to do the work.

The lyrics are so amazing that the name tags on almost all of the collaboration items feature Hanger's handwritten lyrics.

In fact, the music playing in the background is also by Mitsu (Mitsu The Beats), and it enhances the tense, almost a cappella-like rap.

This video was also created by Kenji Nakajima, a video director who I have worked with since our student days, long before I started APPLEBUM.

He also fully understood the concept and put his own passion into the video.

I hope that this video, filled with the thoughts of many people around you, will inspire you to take the first step in challenging yourself, or encourage you to continue your steady efforts.

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