"The Phuncky Boy" Collection

Mr. mami's boy series that makes you imagine stories such as emotions and scenes from graphics.
The latest work
"The Phuncky Boy" will be on sale from Saturday, January 28th at the following locations.

APPLEBUM ONLINE STORE (released at 10:00)
ZOZO APPLEBUM SHOP (released at 10:00)
Regular dealers nationwide
* Due to bad weather, there is a possibility that the product will not arrive at the store on the release date due to delays in shipment to the stores handling it.
We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Hip-hop and skateboarding have grown to become the main culture that has taken the world by storm.
A graphic image of a boy who longs for the East Coast in the 90's, which can be said to be the beginning of the time when these two cultures mixed.
The faithful reproduction of the scratches on the sneaker is a point that every skater can relate to.

This collection consists of 3 types.

"The Phuncky Boy" Crew Sweat

"The Phuncky Boy" T-shirt

"The Phuncky Boy" A1 Poster


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It will be on sale from 10:00 on Saturday, January 28th.
Please look forward to it.

[mami profile]
Since the establishment of the APPLEBUM brand, we have continuously presented art representing the boy series under the partnership with the brand.
He has collaborated with Wu-Tang Clan, STUSSY, UNDEFEATED, MTV, etc.
Other department store advertisements such as Isetan and Marui, apparel and product design for Moussy affiliated brands, NIKE, and adidas, art production for Danny Glover-produced Japan-US co-produced films, holding solo exhibitions and murals in Japan and the US. Working as a designer/illustrator.

Instagram: @mamikobayashi81