Illustrator TSUYOSHI YAMANAKA, who has worked on several APPLEBUM product graphics, will be holding his first EXHIBITION, "FLY promoted by APPLEBUM."


Exhibition period: April 1st (Mon) - April 29th (Mon)
Exhibition location: Art Cafe Fly (Nakameguro)

Clair Higashiyama 201, 1-3-6 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


This exhibition will feature an archive of basketball-themed art that has been commercialized in the past, as well as new works.

You can enjoy the art at your leisure while enjoying the food menu that is unique to a coffee shop.

At the launch event "FLYDAY" (free admission) to be held on Friday, April 12th, novelty stickers will be distributed and posters featuring the new designs will be on sale.

While the DJ plays music, you will be able to interact with TSUYOSHI YAMANAKA himself while enjoying food and drinks.


Event Date and Time: Friday, April 12th, 19:30 - 21:00
Event Venue: Art Cafe Fly (Nakameguro)

201 Clair Higashiyama , 1-3-6 Higashiyama , Meguro-ku, Tokyo


Born in Kawasaki in 1988.
Since moving to the US at the age of 23, he has commuted back and forth between Japan and the US, and is currently an illustrator and graphic designer who mainly works in Japan.
The unique sensibilities he developed in the contrasting environments of Kawasaki and New York are expressed in soft watercolors.

"tsuyoshi yamanaka" Instagram