"Black Cherry" Incense / 2211012


[Sweetest flavor]

Stick-type domestic incense (incense) containing hemp oil.
A sweet scent that perfectly matches the sweetness and creaminess of cherries.
15 pieces with total length of 200mm.
One burn time is about 40 minutes.
The opening and closing is a zip lock method.
It prevents deterioration of fragrance ingredients due to dust and humidity, and maintains a fresh fragrance for a long time.

tsuyoshi yamanaka profile
Born in Kawasaki in 1988. After moving to the United States at the age of 23, he repeatedly went back and forth between Japan and the United States.
Currently an illustrator and graphic designer based in Japan.
The unique sensibilities nurtured in the contrasting environments of Kawasaki and New York are expressed with soft watercolors.
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