VOL.7_ APPLEBUM deck when returning from skating after a long absence

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Vol.7_ APPLEBUM deck when returning from skating after a long absence


The APPLEBUM skate deck I was riding about 2 years ago.
I keep all the decks I've ridden in the past.
This is because when you look at a well-worn deck, you can feel nostalgic by recalling the memories of when you rode it.

Among them, I have a special feeling for this deck, so I would like to introduce it.

I started skating around the third year of junior high school, but from the time I got married in my early twenties and had a child until I was 33, my life was chaotic and I was away from skating for a long time.

Even if I can ski once in a while, it's about cruising in the middle of the night.
During this period, I was always feeling uneasy about "I want to skateboard".

When I changed to this deck, the postponed Tokyo Olympics were held.
I was watching a TV broadcast at home with my son.

As a result, my son, who had never been interested in skateboarding until now, became very excited when Japanese skateboarders were active!
Excitement peaked when Horigome won.

As soon as the TV broadcast ended, he said, "I want to skateboard!"
Since that day, my son has been skating almost every day. w

This led to me going to various skate parks on my days off, and I finally got back to skating ✌️
It is a deck that regained the feeling that I had not skied for about 10 years.

The APPLEBUM deck is a collaboration with @ntoriginal .
It's been a long time since I've been able to use the original graphics so much that I don't even know what they were. w

The tag drawn on the deck tape was drawn by a skater who met at a nearby skate spot and hit it off.
It's been a long time since I've tasted this kind of nori.

A skateboard is

free and
Even with the same technique, each person has their own style (individuality),
There is a charm that only skaters can understand,
It's so much fun.

Skateboarding has become very popular in Japan since the Olympics.
I want them to become more accessible.

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