VOL.4_”Royal Times”

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Vol.4_”Royal Times”

Designer Miyao

A free newspaper for announcing the hip-hop event ``HIPHOP ROYAL 2000'' held in Hibiya Noon in 2000.
At the time, I was designing Japanese hip-hop jackets and making promotional videos. I was also involved in the production of

Although it is a free newspaper made for event announcement, the contents are
・Discussion of intergenerational issues by Limester Utamaru, a high school girl, and her mother
・"Graffiti Controversy" by Tokyo Bronx
・Review of the DMC World Tournament in which the Core Fighters participated by Mr. Ozaki, the representative of DMC JAPAN (at that time)
・"Tokyo B-Boy News" by B-BOY Yoko
・"DITO (Diggin' in the Treasure)" by Limestar DJ JIN
・Recruitment of soccer teams by DJ CELORY
・Hip-hop billboard barter etc by Hip-hop Supreme Conference Chiba
・Comic by UJT & Mocrock
・"Hamidashi memo" by Mr. Hiroshi Enkaitsu
・Advertisement for the establishment of Def Jam Japan
And so on, it is a pretty intense one that covers the 4 major elements of hip hop + α,
I read it again with deep emotion that it was really well made.

Among them, Seiko Ito's special contribution "If you meet hip-hop, kill hip-hop" has the most meaning for me.
While citing the teachings of Zen, the text is about overcoming it with the momentum to kill, and transcending without being particular about it, but the first thing that comes to mind is Seiko Ito's three major spirits of hip-hop: rebellion, invention, and humor.
If you are reading this post and know APPLEBUM, you may have noticed that "REBELLIOUS, INVENTIVE AND HUMOROUS", which expresses the brand's policy in tags and designs, comes from here.
A few years after launching APPLEBUM, when I was cleaning up, I happened to read this newspaper again, and found this sentence. I was able to recognize again that this is exactly what I have cherished / what I want to do.

Seiko Ito continues that this "rebellion, invention and humor" is based on "social consciousness", "freedom" and "urban consciousness".
I can sympathize with this very much, and I would like to use it as an important guideline for APPLEBUM to make clothes.

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