VOL.5_”Hatakeyama Shark Sole Custom”

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Vol.5_”Hatakeyama Shark Sole Custom”


Everyone knows "not" spikes made by Hatakeyama.

I devoted most of my high school years to baseball,
Five years ago, I bought spikes that were similar to the ones I used to wear in the last summer before my retirement, and had them remade by Shark Sole.

Since the catcher is in a position to play while sitting, the spikes at that time used thick leather on the toes and heels to give a sense of stability. I was. smile

Now that I am in the same position from the manufacturing point of view, it is one of the brands that I really respect in terms of fine ingenuity and thoughtfulness in making products.

It has transformed into a mysterious leather shoe that demonstrates its power when sitting on the ground in the city, but I will continue to use it carefully. smile

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